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Artist Do Ho Suh outside Helsinki's Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art. ferent reactions in various parts of the world. "Some work might be seen in my own country as a criticism of the era of Japanese occupation, whereas people in the United States see it from a completely different point of view. That is the beauty of living in these times: I can show my work in different places and get very different interpretations of them." The work being shown at Kiasma is one of Suh's most ephemeral. As a way of dealing with his feelings of homesickness, he began sewing a model of his childhood home out of transparent fabric. As the installation grew, he hired assistants, whose handicraft can be seen in startlingly detail-rich rooms and walls made of textiles. "North Wall," which is suspended at Kiasma, is an exact miniature of a Korean gable wall, down to the smallest ornamentation on the gutters. The gossamer green fabric, as ephemeral as a breath, seems like a mirage, a quickly fading image. "I would certainly do different kinds of art, if I lived in Korea," he says. "In that regard, you could almost consider moving abroad to be my destiny." For Suh, detachment from one's own environment does not necessarily mean an oppresLIIKEMATKOILLA PELAAMISESSA Arean MatkaValtti antaa 24 h turvan. ON RISKINSÄ.

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