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Pirje Mykkänen Japanese artist Kako Ueda's intricate paper-cut works, including the one on the previous page, are on display in "Drawn in the Clouds." Li Wei (above) and Tsang Kin-wah (above right) are among the Chinese artists participating in the exhibition. The art world's compass points east THE "DRAWN IN THE CLOUDS" exhibition at Helsinki's Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art brings startling new perspectives on today's Asia. The works on display offer interpretations of how the East is portrayed in the West and vice versa, contemplations on the side effects of urbanisation and Westernisation, as well as ways of bringing traditions into the present day. The show includes rising names from China, Japan and Korea, such as Kibong Rhee and June Bum Park from South Korea, Chiharu Shiota, Hiraki Sawa, Yuken Teruya and Kako Ueda from Japan as well as Li Wei, Wang Gongxin, Tsang Kin-wah and Jiang Zhi from China. To the general public, the best-known name is surely Japanese-born New York artist Yoko Ono. As its name suggests, the exhibition turns its gaze skyward. This angle may be concrete, as in Li Wei's photos of himself seeming to fly, or more allegorical, as in Kako Ueda's intricate paper cut-outs of insects, birds and other animals. The exhibition is curated by Kiasma museum director Berndt Arell, museum intendant Arja Miller and curator Jari-Pekka Vanhala, whose original idea gave the show its name. PUOLI PÄIVÄÄ NETISSÄ JA KÄTEEN JÄÄ Arean MatkaValtti löytää mukavimmat majapaikat. MUSTAPEKKA? Petri Virtanen

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