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L ike any northern city, Stockholm and its inhabitants go through a radical transformation when the long winter finally ends. almost overnight the trees are bursting with green, the deep blue waters seem to take over half the city, and restaurants move their tables and chairs to their terraces. during the summer months, Stockholmers feel guilty if they spend more than a few hours indoors. That's why many of the city's cultural events are also held out in the open. Stockholmers are masters at maximising the summer months, so in June, July and august, the Swedish capital is buzzing with creative energy and a packed calendar of events. rooftop anticS Kulturhuset ­ the culture house ­ on Sergel's Square is a vibrant centre year round. during the warm months, events are organised on the roof, which boasts magnificent views over the skyscrapers on hötorget. in the evenings, the programme includes intimate concerts and arthouse cinema, while in the daytime, the roof is used for outdoor workouts. This June and July, you can work up a sweat with indiegympa, an aerobics class to indie music that resembles a night in a club. if you're more into relaxing with a glass of wine and enjoying a nice meal while listening to music, check out the Kompledigt series, which this summer features Swedish artists from the folk, jazz, pop and punk genres. Upcoming films include Circus Columbia by danis tanovic and Submarine by richard ayoade. jazz it up Stockholm's jazz festival is a summer classic. previously, the concerts have been held at Skeppsholmen, a rather small venue for a festival of this size, but this year, the event moves to the famous outdoor museum Skansen. an outdoor museum might sound like an odd location for a concert ­ and in some ways, it is. but Skansen has a long history as a concert venue, and not many places here can compete with the view over Stockholm's waters that its Solliden scene provides. The location also has advantages for visitors with small children. This year, the festival increases its programming for kids, with children's menus in the restaurants, concerts and activities around Skansens bollnäs square. highlights include musicians cassandra wilson, angie Stone and david Sanborn trio. a feStival on the StreetS in august, all of central Stockholm turns into a festival area. local and international artists present concerts, talks, performances and readings from morning to night. here, everything from pop to opera, circus and literature coexist side by side, and best of all ­ everything is free. This year, the festival's theme is norway. on the big scene, some of the country's biggest names in music will perform, including violinist-singer alexander rybak and singer-songwriter ane brun. architectural practice Snöhetta will give a talk about their work and norwegian films will be shown on big outdoor screens. of course other nationalities will be part of the festival too from Swedish pop to traditional cuban music and dance beats from mali. Grab a programme from one of the many stands around the city, equip yourself with a pair of good walking shoes and prepare for five days of cultural enjoyment. theatre in the park Summer theatre has an air of lightness around it. when theatre moves outdoors, heavy dramas are tucked away in dark closets behind the usual scenes. Stockholm's parkteatern ­ literally "park theatre" ­ is part of the respected Stockholms Stadsteater, one of the city's two main theatre companies. This summer's programme features theatre, dance, concerts and circus, and tickets are always free. bertolt brecht's musical comedy The Wedding plays through June, while denmark's leading modern dance group dansk danseteater performs on august 18. acclaimed Swedish singer Frida hyvönen gives her only concert this summer on august 16. pool party Stockholm's indie pop festival popaganda is a fitting finale for the season. on the last weekend of august, thousands of people gather at eriksdalsbadet, the city's classic public outdoor pool, to party, listen to concerts and take a dip. This summer, the headline acts from around the world including arcade Fire (canada), lykke li (Sweden), The Go! team (britain) and architecture in helsinki (australia). all in all, 20 bands will be playing. The festival has sold out for the past two years in a row. finnaiR fLiES nonstop several times daily to Stockholm-arlanda and Stockholm-bromma. check it out KULTURHUSET The Culture House www.kulTurhusET. sTockholM.sE STocKHoLm jazz fESTivaL June 17-19 www.sTockholMjazz.coM KULTURfESTivaLEn August 16-21 www.kulTurfEsTIvalEn. sTockholM.sE PaRKTEaTERn Events through June-August. www.sTadsTEaTErn. sTockholM.sE/parkTEaTErn PoPaganda August 26-27 www.popaGanda.sE Summer 2011 Blue winGS 37 enG

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