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Sampo Pankki Oyj ja at 9, she started going to school in second-hand clothing ensembles that included a men's black waistcoat and patent shoes, and she was labelled as "the weird kid." But because she was (and still is) self-confident and true to her own style, she didn't care. Which is probably why she isn't afraid to criticise her own field: "You have to be very strong, determined and passionate to work in the fashion industry. The hours are long and the more creative the position, the smaller the salary tends to be. In addition, you don't get praised very often for all the hard work you do." dobrowolski considers herself very fortunate to have studied with Westwood, who was very tough on her students. "She taught us not to take critiques of our work personally. It makes working in the business a lot easier, as now I can listen to the comments of other designers and marketing people neutrally, and use their critique to improve my work," she explains. Clean lines Bottega Veneta contacted him with a job Like dobrowolski, Teemu Muurimäki offer he couldn't refuse. "It was a once in was also keen to get into menswear. a lifetime opportunity as Bottega Veneta However, a job at a silk shop in Helsinki was my dream company in terms of introduced him to style. Unfortunately, I the art of draping, didn't enjoy the job which led him to and I had to make "ViVienne custom-make the difficult decision westwood evening and bridal to move on after only gowns. after gradunine months," says taught Me ating from the Muurimäki. He University of art moved on to armani, how to use and design in Helwhere he was the Critiques to sinki in 2001, the senior designer for 37-year old has armani Collezioni iMproVe My worked at many women's line, and work." high profile Italian had the opportunity labels, including to work directly with dolce&Gabbana, Signor armani. Bottega Veneta and Giorgio armani. "I never had the chance to travel when Muurimäki had only been working for I was growing up," says Muurimäki. "My dolce&Gabbana for six months in 2008 first trip abroad was to Rome when I was designing celebrity evening wear, when a 22-year-old fashion student. I feel lucky eng 58 blue wings suMMer 2011

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