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photos: istockphoto As a result of the rapid growth of the Russian economy an increase in energy consumption is inevitable in some regions demand for power is growing six per cent a year. Russian UPS boom Eaton sells its Powerware UPS solutions in Russia through four distributors, Landata, Erimex Complex Electrosystems, Kopitan and SEM Electro, all power solutions companies offering a wide range of high-quality power products and services. At present Eaton also enjoys an extensive network of partners around the Russian Federation, counting 200 authorised partners in more than 30 cities and a number of smaller resellers. In spite of heavy competition between market players within the UPS sector stirred by the possibilities of quick development and high revenues, Eaton firmly holds its well-established position in the Russian UPS market. Considerate cooperation and smart solutions According to Kyösti Kozlov, director of Eaton's Russian operations, success procured by Eaton in the Russian market should not come as a surprise. It is built on the intelligent cooperation between Eaton and its distributors. Eaton concentrates on creating products of the highest quality and investing in new unique solutions. Its distributors on the other hand focus their attention on providing clients with the full cycle of superior complex services. Over the years Eaton has delivered Powerware AC and DC solutions to a number of commercial and state clients in the telecommunications, banking, oil, healthcare, ...continues Eaton in Russia In Russia, Eaton is represented by its office in Moscow providing partners and customers with effective support. It does this through an extensive partner programme, technical support, maintenance services and demo center where a variety of courses are organised. power generation industry, media, public security and other sectors. Today Powerware UPS units protect the critical telecommunication systems of Russia's biggest telecom operators such as Sovintel, Svyazinvest, Rostelecom, Equant and MTT. Eaton's solutions have proven to be reliable by the main Russian financial organisations including Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Saving Bank of the Russian Federation (the only Russian bank, which belongs to the world´s TOP 100 banks according to The Banker magazine). The Russian media sector has also developed over the last 5­10 years. Eaton is proud to have delivered its high class solutions to Russia's most important media companies, including VGTRK (the All-Russia State TV & Broadcasting Company), NTV+ (Russia's largest commercial satellite TV provider) and to Russia Today (a global state-owned English-language news channel). The demand for advanced online and line-interactive solutions is on the rise. This makes sense as companies´ preferences shift towards more secure technologies. If previously price was the main landmark for the purchase of UPS, now it is quality and reliability of the product. "Our goal is to satisfy all needs of our clients. We and all our distributors go beyond simple shrink-wrapped sales. We elaborate specific solutions individually for each customer in order to meet and fulfill all existing requirements and necessities. Moreover, we are always available for our clients at any given moment ready to come and render all kinds of assistance, " adds Kyösti Kozlov. Central Bank of Russia chooses Eaton The Central Bank of the Russian Federation elaborates and pursues a single state monetary policy in interaction with the government. ussian Central Bank has chosen the expertise of Eaton and Erimex Complex Electrosystems (Erimex), a local power solution company, to secure one of the most important units of the bank's head department its calculating and cash centre "Southern/Yujnii" , situated in St-Petersburg. The complex UPS solution created by the Erimex specialists is one of Russia´s biggest first-rate systems of guaranteed power supply. To meet the requirements of high reliability, security and performance Erimex engineers chose a system composed of four parallel Powerware UPS systems and a diesel power station with 2.1 mVA. Each UPS functions with 400 kVA. The diesel power station consists of two generators with 800 kVA each and one diesel generator with 500 kVa. It also contained an outlying system involving several UPS systems with 250 kVA, 130 kVA, 65 kVA, 16 kVA and several less-powered UPS systems. In addition the project team made a provision for monitoring, distance control and provided an automation facility. The UPS system can be modified, repaired and checked operationally without interruptions or breaks of the energy supply. Vadim Kats, commercial director of Erimex, Eaton's local partner of 14 years, commenting on the project proudly notes: Eaton Norway delivers Eaton Norway has answered to the country's data centre building boom by offering turnkey solutions to data centre buildings. The operation will expand to other Nordic countries in 2008. aton Norway offers a unique service for data centre customers, offering turnkey solutions for data centre construction ­ from walls to power supply. The complete data centre solution has been a part of Eaton Norway's services for the past few years and it already represents a third of the company's business. The value for the customer is easiness. No more contracts with several suppliers, when one can manage the entire project, says Eaton Norway's Country Manager, Jorn Aalefjaer. Eaton's focus is in high-end data centre customers like IBM Norway, Basefarm and the largest bank in Norway, Den Norske Bank. R "We have worked out a complex UPS project with the total power capacity of 2.1 mVA. This system is absolutely unique as the capacity of the uninterrupted power supply system equals capacity of its diesel station. " E No more contracts with several suppliers, when one can manage the entire data center project, says Eaton Norway's Country Manager, Jorn Aalefjaer. Eaton Norway's turnkey data centres include: Access control Comprehensive fire-detection Protection against sabotage and break-in Raised floors with antistatic surface Modifies rack-solutions Tailored infrastructure Cooling system Power quality for data centres: n + 1 redundancy as principle UPS 48V-DC Genset Access control Internal television Data centre monitoring Vadim Kats, commercial director of Erimex, Eaton's partner in Russia, is experienced in proving the customers with the most demanding uninterrupted power supply solutions.

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