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1 Lue lause parillesi. Parisi suomentaa. Vuorotelkaa. 1. This house is just mad. There's so much noise! 2. The boys threw the ball for me and I ran after it at least a hundred times. 3. Grandma Lalima knit me a pullover to keep me warm. 4. The problem is that the pullover gets really wet when it rains. 5. There were at least fifty people in the house. 6. I may be wrong. Pet special YOU'LL NEVER GUESS what my hobby is. Yesterday I sent off three messages. I can't wait to see if I get a reply. I usually send about ten a week. I could send many more but I don't want to because I have other hobbies, too. You know, like skateboarding, listening to music and hanging around with my friends. Ok, it's time to tell you what I'm talking about. I got the idea when I saw an interview on MTV. They were talking to one of my favourite singers and he had a funny little dog with him. That made me think, wouldn't it be cool to get photos of famous people's pets. They all have one. You know, like George Clooney and his pig, Paris Hilton and her dog. The first photo blew my mind. It was David Beckham with his cat. The cat was sitting on his six-pack stomach, cool! Usually the stars send me photos of themselves with their pet! They sign the picture, too. At the moment I have about thirty-five photos. I am hoping to reach one hundred photos and then I'll stop and think of another hobby. You see, I can only fit a hundred photos on the wall of my room. Sarah Thompson, 14 2 Kysy pariltasi, pari vastaa. Vuorotelkaa. 1. How old is Gordon? 2. Where does he live? 3. What are his favourite hobbies? 4. Why is he dog-tired? 5. Why does Gordon like Sami? 6. Where did Gordon get his warm pullover? 7. Why isn't Gordon happy with it? 8. Who did he meet at the vet's? 9. What did Vijay give Gordon? Gordon is a Chihuahua. Gordon is a Basset Hound. 3 Lue virheellinen lause parillesi. Parisi korjaa lauseen. Vuorotelkaa. 1. Gordon is eighty-two years old. 2. Sami and Vijay take Gordon to the dog park. 3. It has been sunny for days. 4. Grandma Lalima knit Gordon a warm coat. 5. Vijay bought Gordon a squeaky toy that looks like a chicken. 6. Sami came to the party alone. 4 Haastattele pariasi. Parisi on Gordon ja keksii vastaukset. Vuorotelkaa. Keksi itse lisää kysymyksiä. 1. What colour is your new pullover? 2. Why were you at the vet's? 3. What is your favourite squeaky toy? 4. Why was Grandfather Kavi in hospital? 5. What will happen to Sami and Zoe? 28 29

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